We ran into a classic parent problem when Bentley was 4 and Blake was almost 3:
Their pants wouldn't stay up.

Easy problem to solve with a quick trip to the mall, right? We went store to store to store to find belts for the boys. No luck. Not a single belt for kids in 3 local malls. Frustrated, we checked online and while there were some options, none were fashionable. Not a single good looking, easy-to-use belt. Most were made with elastic that totally distorted the design when even slightly stretched, and too hard for young kids to use on their own.

That night around the dinner table, we decided to make a line of trendy belts for kids. We had some criteria to cover in addition to the look. The belts had to be easy to use for kids on their own & they had to be easy to clean.

After countless designs and 3D printed prototypes, we figured out the perfect compromise between form and function.

Finding a manufacturer to achieve all of our goals proved to be more challenging than we expected. We spent many months of exploring capabilities & standards of hundreds of factories, and received as many "Not Possible" responses. Ultimately, we found an amazing team that helped create a custom manufacturing process that met our rigorous requirements.

Kids 3 and up have an easy time putting the belts on and taking them off, unbuckling and buckling on their own. And cleaning is as easy as throwing the belt in the washing machine (or dishwasher)!

Bentley & Blake love their belts and we hope you love yours, too!

Bentley, Blake, Natalie & Mike

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